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We are extremely pleased that GenallocX are supporting Bromley Common Cricket Club. They have a special discount code BCCC10 which will give all members and supporters a 10% discount on their products and GenallocX will also donate an additional 10% to BCCC on all orders using this code.

Genallocx have two products; GenallocX Wild Caught Hydrolysed Marine Collagen powder and GenallocX Elite Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen powder. Both contain 18 amino acids which are the building blocks of our tissues and both are blended with vitamins & minerals to help support a healthy lifestyle from within.

They have many benefits including:

  • Help reduce tiredness and fatigue

  • Support hair, skin and nail health

  • Build Muscle

  • Protect against oxidative stress

  • Contribute to bone maintenance

Genallocx have partnered with Peptan, the worlds premium supplier of collagen, and we have added two unique vitamin and mineral blends. Neither the collagen, vitamin or mineral blends contain, or have been manufactured by a process involving any of the components listed in the 2021 Prohibited List of the World Anti-Doping Code (WADA). Additionally, they have been checked by UK Food Standards and meet all UK regulations.


Laurie Williams, Paralympics Team GB Athlete.

“I found so many benefits when using GenallocX. It has been fantastic for my recovery when competing and training and my sleep has improved. I’ve also seen benefits in my overall skin and hair quality, I would definitely recommend using GenallocX”

Tim Stimpson, former England RFU and The British and Irish Lions.

"My body is sore from throwing myself around on the cricket field, but I'm out there pretending I'm still twenty something. I am sure my body feels better for my daily breakfast GenallocX collagen latte."

Sara Bayman, Director of Netball for Loughborough University.

"I definitely feel less fatigued since using GenallocX, helping to get me through a busy season. I noticed a reduction in soreness in my knees post-exercise."

Phil Burgess, former England Rugby 7's and Team GB.

"GenallocX is now part of my daily routine. Since I have been taking it, I feel that I have more energy and it takes less time to recover after training"

Tamara Taylor, former England Rugby Captain.

"I took GenallocX to support my rehab after my knee operation. I enjoyed how easy it was to add to a smoothie or even my scrambled egg!"

Lewis Moody, former England RFU, 2003 RWC Winner and The British and Irish Lions.

“Since I have been taking GenallocX Collagen, I do feel that I have more energy and a few of the old niggles don’t hurt as much. I recently broke my ankle and I am sure GenallocX Collagen helped with the recovery”